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Hypnotist gives girl best orgasm

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You are walking down a familiar pathway into the jungle where you encounter a large snake with hypnotic eyes. Booty porn milf. One girl immediately became super shy and kind of just looked at me coyly with doe eyes, batting her eyelashes and looking away whenever I face her.

Hot and horny coeds fucking. The recording does not designate a specific person as Master but there are suggestions to respond to my hypnotic voice. Hypnotist gives girl best orgasm. Cunningham told me, "Very true How could anyone possibly have an orgasm without ANY lead in whatsoever?

Suggestions to feel more pleasure while touching your breasts and to want to show them off to people that you trust are given. This recording does not include a full wake up command at the end and there are suggestions for the effects of this recording to grow more powerful over time.

As the princess they must attend a royal dinner with me their adviser but after drinking from their wine glass the listener feels odd and must leave the dinner. Fleshy bump on anal opening. This recording is an erotic brainwashing file that makes the listener fantasize about being blank, empty, and brainwashed. This recording also implants the hypnotic suggestion that the listener is unable to resist a hypnotist that they trust and that they are very easy to hypnotize. Only My Voice This is an intense slave hypnosis recording where you are trained to orgasm properly to my voice and my voice alone.

Be careful and only listen to this recording if you want your cock to throb when you are called a "Good Boy" and you want to be filled with deep urges to be obedient and submissive.

Finally there is a training loop file that you can listen to while you are relaxing or online to reinforce your hypnotic conditioning. Big tits riding a dildo. This mp3 is a request from one of my supporters so if you have a request please feel free to message me. We get a Hypnotist. We have no control over the content of these pages. Additionally the suggestion to feel proud about their interest in hypnosis and be more open about hypnotizing others and being hypnotized is also given.

The only thing different about my night was that anything the hypnotist said was the best idea I had ever heard. This recording is a hypnotic fantasy where the listener is taken to a relaxing sauna but while they are there they are slowly brainwashed by the drug-laced steam.

Everyone thinks this is hilarious. During the recording the listener is made to feel arousal and the desire to masturbate however my voice pins them down making masturbation impossible. The recording starts out seeming like an innocent relaxation file but then takes a turn when the listener is forced to strip naked while hypnotized and I start brainwashing them with hypnosis.

It is safe to say that you only want to listen to this file if you are into Slave and Brainwashing hypnosis and if you have some privacy while being hypnotized. Only listen to this file if you are sure you want to be hypnotically enslaved. This erotic hypnosis recording is intended for male listeners. But this guy was able to get me to dance provocatively against a stranger I have never met before. Stana katic nude sex. There is no wake up command at the end of this recording so you can use this file as part of a playlist or just use it to relax and then wake up when you want to.

There are 3 versions of this file, a short version with a plain vocal intro and wake up commands at the end, a 33 minute version that is loop-able with no wake up commands, and a 55 minute version that is loop-able with no wake up commands. The person doing the trick tells me to get up and pull some cards off the deck. The short version below does not contain the Mind Melter ending. Harvey Weinstein indicted on 3 additional felony sex charges.

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You close your eyes and hold both of your arms straight out in front of you, palm side down. This file leads the listener on a hypnotic fantasy were they are taken deep into trance by a metronome and made to mindlessly masturbate while becoming my sleepy pet.

Then she just never woke up. Big mature british tits. In college we had a hypnotist perform for Greek week so I volunteered. This recording makes you feel arousal and a desire to masturbate but does not allow you to. This recording can be used as a continuation of Hypnotic Cock Worship or as a stand-alone experience.

There are commands to chant mantras in this file and commands to masturbate. Lauren lee smiht lesbian. The listener is made to masturbate naked and is given hypnotic suggests that makes them slip deep into trance whenever they masturbate.

This is an erotic hypnosis challenge designed for male listeners. This is an erotic hypnotic curse that makes it so that you can only masturbate when you are hypnotized and deep in trance. Personal Footstool This recording is a slave hypnosis file that contains mild verbal abuse, humiliation, foot worship, and financial domination overtones. Deadpool nude fight. This recording is a continuation of the Brainwashing Sauna series so if you have not listened to the first file you can find a link to it below.

I have never blushed so hard in my life. Hypnotist gives girl best orgasm. Be careful and only listen to this recording if you want your cock to throb when you are called a "Good Boy" and you want to be filled with deep urges to be obedient and submissive.

This recording is designed to make the listener want to stimulate themselves by experiencing anal pleasure.

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This file is meant to tease your body and mind and force to you be addicted to edging your body just to the point of orgasm and then stopping. In this recording their are suggestions to feel aroused while being brainwashed by the crystal to interfere with the listener's ability to resist. During the show you drop so deep into trance that you are unable to volunteer but I notice you after the show and give you a much more erotic private hypnosis show in my dressing room.

I do not let the listener orgasm in this recording and instead place them in a chastity cage. The only thing is that once you are in a deep trance I have some other experiments to conduct using sex machines that inject you with a powerful brainwashing serum both orally and anally.

Older truly is better. The listener must do their best to serve the drinks without spilling anything, however despite your best efforts you fail and must be punished. This recording edges the listener multiple times until finally giving them the choice to either have an orgasm and go completely mindless or to just edge one last time and still have some of their mind left.

I pulled off 6 of them, flipped them over and they were all 9 of hearts. I do know I quacked around like a duck for 15 minutes and ate some disgusting things that the entertainer brought with him. Vintage british big tits. What every one of their husbands, boyfriends, and lovers were doing wrong.

This file does include edging so it is recommend to not be wearing clothing that would interfere with this.

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